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Transform Lives With Your Generosity

Charities across the nation have embraced Giving Tuesday, a day that follows Black Friday, when people indulge in big sales as part of their Christmas preparations. With the rise of online shopping, Cyber Monday was introduced, allowing shoppers to snag deals from the comfort of their homes with doorstep delivery. In 2012, Giving Tuesday emerged as a response to the consumer-driven days, aiming to harness the potential of social media and technology to encourage charitable giving.

While some view this as just another attempt to extract money from consumers, it serves a greater purpose. Numerous deserving charities genuinely require the support of everyday Americans to sustain their valuable work. We encourage you to identify a charity that resonates with your values and supports a cause you are passionate about. Today, we humbly propose considering God's ministry for Native American youth in the Southwest as a worthy recipient of your generosity.

As Giving Tuesday approaches, we are eager to witness how God will work through partners like you to impact lives in the Southwest. We find joy in observing the transformative power of radical generosity, touching both individuals and entire communities with the love of Christ. In this region, God has been working wonders, fostering spiritual growth among young people, with campers becoming more involved in their local churches to deepen their understanding of Jesus.

On Giving Tuesday, which falls on November 28, we invite you to join the movement of generosity by contributing to God's ministry here in the Southwest. We believe you have a heart for positively influencing the lives of Native youth, and we trust that God has a plan for them. We would be honored to have you participate in what He is accomplishing in this community.

Doug & Becky


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