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The Darfus Family Newsletter - Spring 2022

Dear friends,

We thank God for you and wanted to send you a brief update.

One way we show our love for the youth we work with is to invest time in their lives. February provided a great opportunity to attend two basketball games to see two different campers. One camper is a cheerleader, the other is a basketball player. We enjoyed both games and hope to continue to show Jesus’ love by attending what we can.

A highlight in February was helping train two churches on the Tohono O’odham Nation how to hold a Gospel Presentation Outreach Event and The Greatest Journey discipleship classes with Operation Christmas Child (OCC). What a joy! We are excited to see how God will use these two churches in growing His kingdom!

The semi-yearly Fry Bread Fundraiser was a success! More than 1,100 pieces of fry bread were sold and we ran out before the fundraiser was officially over. Thanks to everyone who prayed. The money raised helps pay for the costs associated with camps.

You can donate to our camp fund by going to

A Santa Rosa church on the Tohono O’odham Nation held their OCC Gospel Outreach event March 5th. The church did a marvelous job presenting the Gospel to the children and their families. Please pray that the children return weekly for discipleship classes. Also, pray for the OCC Gospel Outreach event that will be held at the Christ Fellowship Community Church of Hickiwan on April 16th.

On March 11-13, the first Elementary Camp of the year was held. Everyone had a wonderful time as we learned about “Building Obedience,” “Building Trust,” “Building Repentance,” and “Building Strength.” With the ‘build’ theme, we used Legos during the weekend’s lessons. They were a hit. The weather was beautiful in Prescott, AZ where the camp was located and allowed us to be outside for many activities, including a huge climbing wall. As we reach out to these campers over the next several months, please pray that their hearts will be open to learning more about Jesus.

April / May

  • The next camp will be held April 22-24 for the teens. We would appreciate prayers for the campers who will attend.

  • Elijah graduates on May 19th. It is hard to believe he will be off to college in a few months. His plan is to attend Grand Canyon University majoring in Business Analytics.

This camper lives near the Arizona / Mexico border. Camp was four hours northeast in Prescott, which is significantly colder, and he came prepared for the cold! The weekend temperatures ranged from about 30° to 60°.

​As many of you know, the cost of everything continues to rise. We could use a few more monthly supporters. Please consider giving if you can. You can make a difference in the lives of children of the Southwest.


Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. God is using you to do great work!


Doug & Becky


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