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Summer Update 2022

Who have you encouraged lately? Has there been someone in your life who has recently encouraged or blessed you?

Here in Peoria, Arizona, the busy summer has been made much better by our amazing co-workers who come alongside us to make SIMC camps possible. The summer forecast had two weekend camps on the schedule - one in June for elementary-aged kids and one in July for high schoolers.

June camp came with a hiccup. As camp directors, we had made all the arrangements, the lessons and activities were all planned, and everything was set to go when I (Becky) came down with Covid. In this very inconvenient time of need, the wonderful people on our WGM team stepped up to lead and make it possible. WGM missionaries Steve and Debbie Cartwright, Sandy and LeRoy Anderson, Krista Landaas and Pastor Ray Stillings of Somerton Church of the Nazarene saved the weekend. Thanks to their willingness to lead, the campers had a wonderful time, heard great messages about discipleship, and two gave their hearts to Jesus. Amen!

The weekend of July 22-24 was Teen camp. We praise the Lord for 24 campers, many who had not been to camp since Covid. With the larger number of campers attending, it was a little unsettling when we realized most of our coworkers would be traveling during that time and unavailable to help. Thankfully, Steve, Pastor Ray, and fellow missionary Laura Arnott were willing and able to help chaperone.

God is so good. Overall, it was a great weekend, and four campers gave their hearts to Jesus. The campers tested their bravery with the high ropes course and had a good time despite the hot temperatures and high humidity.

Between illness and being understaffed, these experiences have been a good reminder that we cannot do this on our own. God loves us and sends people to help us in our times of need. We thank God for their willingness to serve.

"It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose. And both will be rewarded for their own hard work.”

(1 Corinthians 3:7-8)

What about you? Is there someone you know that might need encouragement or help with something in their life?


Prayer requests

  • Please pray for the family of our co-worker Laura Lea Sims, who was tragically killed in a car accident July 16 traveling to Ohio to attend Hollow Rock camp meeting.

  • Pray the campers will remember God loves them and desires to have a relationship with them.


We want to let you know how much you are loved and appreciated!

In these financially challenging times, we know that every penny counts, and we appreciate you and your partnership very much. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed.

Together we are making a difference in the lives of Native American children in the Southwest.

Doug & Becky Darfus

Noah, Elijah, and Josiah outside State Farm Stadium on graduation day.


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