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Summer Adventure: Day 17

by Becky Darfus

Monday. Language learning tactics are behind us, and the next two weeks consist of lessons involving the heart. Tomorrow we get to talk about conflict. ALL. DAY. LONG. Yikes! Over the weekend we had an assignment that forced us to look inward at the ways we handle conflict and as perhaps you can imagine, that really wasn’t so fun. (The truth can be quite uncomfortable.) So the idea of talking about conflict all day tomorrow, well, doesn’t thrill me. Yet these are the important things we need to learn and grow from so I guess I shall willingly participate.

Now on to happier topics. I am so thankful for the classes they have for the kids. As we might have mentioned in previous posts, the kids talk about the same things we do, just at their level. It’s neat to see at the end of the day the different topics they have discussed and the new things they have learned. I’m including some pictures of things they have posted in the Josiah’s classroom. The map shows where the kids in the classroom will be located. They have the kids’ prayer requests and praises written on the door. They also have been learning Psalm 139 which I was thrilled about as it’s my favorite. There is great stuff going on in those classrooms! For this, we thank God.

And we thank God for each of you! Thanks to all who have prayed for us, supported us, written us, and offered us an encouraging word. You are a blessing!


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