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September 2019 - Special Update

This is a special edition of the Darfus family newsletter, “In the Desert with the Darfi.”

We wanted to send out this special edition to answer some of the most common questions we receive.

When are you moving to the field?

When Elijah started marching band in July, we were not yet 100% funded and unable to leave for the field. Knowing this move is already quite stressful on the boys, we were concerned what would happen if we pulled him from school mid-semester. In addition, Elijah is taking a semester-long college course that couldn’t be transferred if he left in the middle of the semester. After bringing these concerns to both our WGM coach and our field director, all parties agreed it would be in everyone’s best interest to wait until the end of the first semester before moving to Arizona. With this in mind along with our current rate of funding, it was decided that we should plan to move in December. We are now at 94%.

Are you using support money for day-to-day expenses prior to reaching the field?

No. Because Doug was a teacher, he received a salary until the end of August. Currently, our house is in contract and we should receive money from the sale in mid-to-late September. Our plan is to live off the sale of our house until we leave in December. The exception to this is medical insurance. The medical insurance provided by the school ran out September 1, and we are required to have medical insurance.

Why do you call yourselves “the Darfi?”

The plural of cactus is cacti, the plural of radius is radii, so we thought we would use the plural of Darfus as Darfi. It probably doesn’t fit the English rules, but we like it better than Darfuses, or Darfus’.

Again, we wish to thank everyone who has been supporting us through prayers and/or finances. We really appreciate it. Thanks for reading!


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