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Powerful Prayer

We all have seasons of life that are occupied by storms.  During this time we are often fearful and overwhelmed; and just like the sound of the ocean waves, the noise in our life can add to our troubles.  The answer?  Cry out to the Lord, for He can still the storm to a whisper.


“Hush” was the theme of the teen summer camp and was focused on Psalms 107:28-29.  God was at work in the campers’ lives as they learned how to cry out to God. He was listening as many of you prayed!


Prayers were answered.  The campers were attentive, took to heart the messages shared during camp, actively participated in worship, made new friends from around the state, and enjoyed camp. 

Pictured above are the 2024 Southwest Ministries’ teen campers. In the center is Tavis, a Native American volunteer at camp from Tucson. He was a blessing, sharing his testimony with our campers.  They lovingly called him, “Chief.”

For many years we have prayed for the future spouse of each of our three sons.  We have been blessed that our oldest son, Noah, got married this summer to a wonderful, Godly woman named Amanda.


A couple weeks prior to the wedding, Becky’s mother, Joye, fell and struggled to walk on her own.  We are thankful for everyone who prayed because we knew she didn’t want to attend the wedding in a wheelchair.  God answered prayer by allowing her to attend without any pain or help walking!  When she returned home, she received her MRI results and found she had both a broken hip and pelvis.  It is a blessing from God that she was able to attend and is continuing to heal.



Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

- Philippians 4:6


The bride and groom with both sets of our parents.

The power of prayer is truly awe-inspiring! We have witnessed its impact not only during the wedding and camp but throughout our lives.

  • Please continue to uplift all our campers in prayer throughout the year. Each one is precious, and we pray they heed God’s guidance in their lives.

  • Please pray for Noah & Amanda, our newlyweds, that they may always keep God at the center of their marriage.

  • Lastly, join us in prayer for those God may be calling to support our ministry financially. Over the past year, we've faced a monthly shortfall of approximately $400. Your prayers mean the world to us, knowing God hears and answers them!


- Doug & Becky



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