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Paradox - Summer Adventure - Day 11

by Doug Darfus

We have been talking about a Pair Of Ducks (Paradox) at training. Their names are Yay Duck and Yuck Duck. We have learned that these two ducks always swim together. Sometimes side-by-side, but usually with one right in front of the other. Each of us always has these pair of ducks.

If Yay Duck is swimming in front, you might hear us say things like, “We are so excited to go serve with the Native American people,” or “We have been so blessed by everyone’s prayers and support.”

If Yuck Duck is swimming in front, you might hear us say things like, “We have been raising support so long and it is just crawling along,” or “We are so sad to leave our family and friends.”

Whichever duck is out front, it is important to remember that the other duck is right there behind the first. We are feeling both emotions… the good and the bad. This is the paradox (pair of ducks). These simultaneous emotions are normal. We have been told to tell this story of our pair of ducks to our family and friends so they also understand our mixed emotions as we make big changes and follow God’s will for our lives. We are excited to do the Lord’s work, but we are also sad to leave the people we know and love.

We appreciate your continued prayers!


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