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New year. New beginnings.

With the busyness of the Christmas season over, we set our sights on 2024. Like life, ministry has seasons. As 2023 ended, Doug and I agreed that the season of “Camp Chats,” our twice-a-month online Bible study, had come to an end.  The attendance for Camp Chat had declined significantly as in-person opportunities in our campers' communities increased.  Looking for a new opportunity to regularly connect with children and youth in-between camps, we asked fellow missionary, Steve Cartwright, if we could lead their youth group at Siloam Indian Baptist one Wednesday a month, hopefully giving Steve a break and allowing us more relationship-building opportunities with those teens. 

We also made the decision to volunteer at True Pursuit, an organization that meets at the Christian Community Center, formerly the Southwest Indian Ministry Center, whose focus is enriching the lives of foster children. Most of the children live in group homes and several are Native American.  We just began this month and are excited to get to know those kids as well. 

But not everything is new. Lord willing, we will have six camp events this year, with our first March 8-10. For this upper elementary camp, our lessons will be on honesty. Would you please join us in praying for this weekend? Prayers are needed for the children in attendance and that the importance of honesty would be clearly communicated.  

We are thankful you are allowing God to use you in ministering to Native American youth through your prayers, encouragement, and financial contributions. You are loved and appreciated!

- Doug & Becky


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