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March 2021 Newsletter

I (Doug) was reading Matthew 26 last week and I saw a perspective of the passage in verses 6-13 that I hadn’t seen before. Oftentimes, I read it and see that the woman in this story was preparing Jesus’ body for burial … something the others couldn’t see at the time of the event. This time I wondered, was this woman even supposed to be there? And how did she afford this expensive perfume? A woman in this meeting of men was probably inappropriate, yet God used her to do something beautiful. The Bible is filled with unexpected, normal people fulfilling a role that God has entrusted to them. And what did she do? This perfume was a treasure that she had to save her money to buy when it could have been used for her basic needs. She sacrificially gave this treasure out of her love to serve God.

The woman in Matthew 26 might have felt awkward or unworthy to be with Jesus, but she chose to listen and honor God sacrificially. We, your family and mine, sometimes feel awkward or unworthy. We argue. We doubt. Obstacles arise. Plans are altered. We are not perfect … at all. Yet, God still speaks to us, you and me. He asks us to obey Him and give sacrificially of our time, our money, our talents. God used Matthew 26 to speak to me and assure me that he still uses normal, flawed, people like me to give sacrificially to love and serve Him. He wants to use you too.


What's Happening On the Field:

We continue working to develop a one-day, approximately four hour mini-camp program. After speaking with some Native churches, our hope is to begin these programs in April. The plan is to make this a regular activity, traveling from church to church and building relationships with children in different Native communities. Once we have become more familiar to the children and their families, we want to hold weekend camps again for those who are interested.

We have been approached about an opportunity to work with Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child on the Tohono O’odham reservation. This could include helping to facilitate the 12-week follow up, “The Greatest Journey,” with children who accept Jesus at the shoebox distributions. All plans are in the very early, initial stages. Please pray that this opportunity is given to us if it is God’s will.

We thank you for your prayers; encouraging letters & emails; and support!

- Doug & Becky


We are very thankful to everyone who has been able to financially support us. We realize these times have been difficult for many people. If you feel led and are willing to give to God's ministry here in the Southwest, please click the button below. You will be given an option to either give online or via U.S. Mail.


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