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March 2020 Newsletter

Dear friends,

Thank you to everyone who prayed for our January Leadership In Training teen camp. We praise God for the 16 teenagers who attended. With our first camp as official staff members behind us, our focus has turned to the upcoming elementary camp weekend, March 20-21. We are working with WGM missionaries Darin and Laura Arnott and the camp committee to plan for what we pray will be a great weekend.

As you know, the desire God has placed on our hearts is to help disciple the young people that come to the camps. Relationship building can be a slow process, and we strive to be patient in our steps. We have started follow up with many of the teens from January’s camp via text messages and letters. We pray they will have an interest in returning to help serve at this month’s elementary camp. This will provide another opportunity to speak truth into their lives. Our next step in the process will be to visit Native churches where some of the campers attend in an effort to build relationships with the campers’ families.

As part of the follow up process, we have agreed to direct and continue developing the Leadership In Training (LIT – pronounced “light”) program. The short-term goal is for the LITs to serve at the elementary camps by encouraging and being a model to the younger campers. The mid-term goal is to train the Native American LITs to lead the camps. The ultimate goal is to equip the LITs to share the gospel in their own communities. This is one of our best opportunities to help young people grow in Christ so they can have a positive impact for the kingdom.

In February, we attended a Saturday cookout for the Gathering, the Wednesday night Bible study held at the Ministry Center cafeteria. It was a wonderful time of conversation, worshipping together, and of course, delicious food. A highlight for us was the worship songs sung in the Navajo language. We also attended two revival services at Siloam Indian Church in the Gila River Indian community.

Becky has joined the Public Relations committee for the American Indian Field and is enjoying the opportunity to write. She also helps field treasurer Debbie Cartwright in the accounting office on Tuesday mornings.


How you can pray:

  • Pray that Native American children will come to the camps with open hearts, willing to learn about Jesus.

  • Pray that our follow up with campers is effective, giving them opportunities for spiritual growth.

  • Pray that the LITs will be motivated by God’s word to choose His kingdom over what the world offers.

How you can help:

  • Many people ask us, “What do you need?” Something that would be nice are homemade birthday cards that we could send to campers. If you would have an interest to share your gift of making beautiful cards with our ministry, we would love it!


Doug & Becky Darfus

14202 N. 73rd Ave.

Peoria, AZ 85381


Although we are funded, we do not always receive our monthly donor goal. We supplement our monthly support with funds donated as first-time gifts. However, to be sustainable in the long term, we need new monthly partners. ​

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