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Day 42

Sorry for no Day 40 & 41 update, but today you get an update from each of us.


Today is our last full day at the Southwest Indian Ministry Center. We are packing up, cleaning up and looking forward to a frybread dinner. Yesterday was the last day at the first elementary camp. We had a great time with the kids. I enjoyed being a LIT (Leader in Training), except for one part (having to sing a song in front of the group because we met a fundraising goal). I think I can speak for all the campers when I say swimming was our favorite activity.

[Dad interviewing Josiah]

What was your favorite part about being a camper? -- Getting to go to all of the classes.

Name one new friend you made at camp. -- Ruben

What was your favorite meal at camp? -- Biscuits and gravy

What is one other thing you’d like people to know about camp? -- It isn’t that we do camp to just let the kids have fun, we do it because we want them to learn about Jesus.


Camp was amazing. The kids were amazing. The staff was amazing. God is always amazing! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad yesterday on the last day of camp. More than once I found myself teary-eyed. It is going to be really difficult to leave.


Another wonderful week of camp under our belts. We thank God for safe travel for the campers and their families, for safety while the kids were with us, for great food, and a lot of terrific memories. Of course, there are things that don’t go perfectly, but we chalk that up to life and hopefully learn from the experiences.


He’s in Ohio so he isn’t contributing to today’s blog.

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