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Day 35

The pace is picking up as we get closer to the beginning of Elementary camp. A work team from Michigan arrived today as did fellow Faith Memorial attender, Amy Lawler. It’s been great to see her again.

There was some down time after dinner, so a group of us sat down to play the zany game, Quelf. Josiah really likes that game so he was excited to have a chance to play it before we head home.

Speaking of heading home, Lord willing, Noah departs tomorrow morning for Ohio. We are grateful once he lands he will be in the loving care of his grandparents. It’s an even bigger comfort to know Noah is safe in the Lord’s hands whether he is here, in the air, or on the other side of the country. I can still say I will feel much better when I hear he is on the ground in Columbus, Ohio. So, when you read this, if it is prior to 3:28 p.m. Ohio time (or 12:28 p.m. Arizona time) please pray for his safety!

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