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Day 19

Camp continues.

We are having lots of fun with the children who came to camp. They are an awesome group!

Monday & Tuesday, my main responsibilities, other than being a dorm leader, were to organize the afternoon recreation time and teach the morning Bible class. My plan had been to tell you about some of my Bible lesson for the next couple of my blogs, but something more important happened…

Today (Wednesday) I was standing in the dorm waiting to go somewhere when a teen came up to me and asked if I would pray with him. The short version: he had already accepted Jesus into his heart as a young boy, but now wanted me to pray with him as he rededicated his life to Jesus! If I had to stop our mission right now and head home, the trip would have been worth it.

When you plan a mission trip, you pray to be an encourager to the missionaries, you pray to build relationships with local people, and you pray to plant or water a seed so that someday, someone will become a believer in Jesus Christ. My experience went beyond my prayers! Now, I pray for all of the campers that someone in their life can nurture them along in their journey and encourage them regularly.

If you’d like to see some silly videos of camp, you can use this link:

The true cost of camp is much greater than what SIMC charges. If you’d like to donate so a Native child could attend camp, you can use this link:


[Editor Note: We do know we are a day behind in our blog. Working with the teens during camp took all of our time, and, well, that's why we are here. Thanks for your understanding.]


Here are some more camp pictures:

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