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Day 16 - Updated

Camp’s starting!!!

Hey guys, welcome back, and yeah.


This week, Elijah and I are enrolled in teen camp. Therefore, our blogs, if written by us at all, will be short and sweet. Sorry.

Today, being day one, wasn't completely filled with excitement, but that's only because registration started at 5pm. After that, we played icebreaker games, drank water, ate food, drank water, and did a little Bible trivia. It was fun. I got candy. And drank water. Yum.

After chapel, it was back to the dorms for cool down and card games. And ping pong. And talking. And drinking water. Hydration. Yay.

Well that's all I have for today. I have to go to bed now. And drink water. At 115 degrees F, you would drink a lot of water too. Bye.

Oh, and thanks for the support, God bless, and I'll see you at the end of an ark ride.



[Editor Note: We apologize for this being posted the first time only partially. We may be a half-day behind during camp, but should be able to post correctly in the future.]

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