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Day 15

‘Twas the night before teen camp, when all through the place

not a person was sweat-free, you could see it on their face;

The decorations were put up around the campus with care,

In hopes that many teenagers soon would be there.

The camp staffers were nestled all snug in their beds;

While worries of what they might have forgot danced in their heads …


Okay, so here we are. Camp is just about here! :-) Campers should hopefully arrive tomorrow evening and then the fun begins. Doug is scheduled to be a dorm leader and the older two boys will be campers, so it is possible our blog posting could be interrupted. Doug is thinking that he will be able to post directly to the website,, but it will not send out the emails saying there is a new post. If you don’t receive an email from us until Thursday of this week, that is the reason.

We would appreciate your prayers for the campers and for the staff this week and next. It is supposed to be really, really hot this week (120 degrees on Tuesday), so it will be important for everyone to stay hydrated.

Thanks, everyone!


(My apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.)

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