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Day 14

A couple of days ago, I volunteered to put a few boxes full of decorations aside until camps were over because they were in the way. I was told to put them in the laundry room. Today, someone was looking for them and went into the laundry room. Nothing. A few people looked in various spots but no one could find them, so I received a text asking me for the location. Where had I put them? In the laundry room, just as I was directed. But I had put them above the cabinets so they wouldn’t crowd the room. The reason they couldn’t be found? No one looked up.

We agreed this was a good object lesson for all of us. When you’re looking for something, when things aren’t going right, when your heart aches, do you remember to look up? Up is where you’ll find the answer, but if you’re like me, sometimes you’ll look everywhere and forget to look up. My advice, for me as well as you,: Look up first! The Lord is listening.


Matthew 14:19 (NLT)

19 Then he told the people to sit down on the grass. Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, looked up toward heaven, and blessed them. Then, breaking the loaves into pieces, he gave the bread to the disciples, who distributed it to the people.

Genesis 22:13 (NLT)

13 Then Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught by its horns in a thicket. So he took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering in place of his son.


Today was hot. I have to admit I’m having some difficulty adjusting. Camp starts on Sunday and it is supposed to be even hotter. I’d better adjust fast.

Please take a moment and pray for the campers who will be arriving as well as the workers who will be serving.

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