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Day 8

Today I went to urgent care because I have poison sumac. It is rare in Arizona along with poison ivy and poison oak because it is too hot for the plants to live. Becky Anderson had eggs cracked over her head because of a challenge they are doing. They did it because SIMC got halfway there. I saw some AWF (Arizona Wrestling Federation).


[Editor's Note (Dad)]:

  • Josiah broke out with a rash everywhere. Doctor thinks it is poison sumac from a trail we walked in Colorado. Luckily our doctor was from the east coast and she had seen it before.

  • The 10x10 Challenge is where you get 10 people to give $10 to the Southwest Indian Ministry Center's camps. It helps kids who can't afford the camp be able to attend. {Video Link}

  • The SIMC has facilities that it rents out to raise money to help keep the facilities in nice working order. The Arizona Wrestling Federation is a new renter and the older boys helped keep the restrooms clean. It was fun to see.

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