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Day 1


Hello everybody, and welcome to season two of Darfus Family Drama! As always (by which I mean once every five days), I’m your host, Noah, and I’m here to tell you about our experiences. Who better to start this blog off again? (Answer: anyone)

As seems to be the norm on my days, there isn’t much to write about. This morning, we left our house at !0 am sharp (which of course means around 10:30), and headed out to change the world… but instead settled for staying the night in Alton, Illinois. A balmy 90 degrees plus, we got a nice warm-up (literally) for Arizona, which last year was a nice 120 degrees on any given day. Since our touristy experiences with “The World’s Largest” things left something to be desired last year, we decided to stop in Casey, Illinois, to see The World’s Largest rocking chair, as well as TWL wind chimes and TWL ruler (which surprisingly wasn’t 12 inches long). That was all the excitement we could handle, so we wound down at a rest stop by trying to climb a tree that was shaped like a 7... none of us succeeded (although my mother got a whole 3 inches off the ground [sadly, she won’t let my post the video with this, but I’m just saying one exists…])

Other than that, it was a normal day of traveling, including rest stops, junk food, video games and minor nausea. I can’t wait to get to Arizona, since I’m not a big fan of the traveling part, and because I don’t think I get to write to you guys again until after we arrive <insert/sad_face>. Oh well.

Until then, God bless, and I’ll see you at the end of the ark ride.


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