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16 days left of work for Becky

18 days left of school for the boys

19 days left of work for Doug

29 days left until we leave


Excitement. Anxiety. More excitement. Uneasiness. A little more excitement on top of that.

I am not sure how the last year went so quickly. I guess that happens with weeks filled with work and school. So here we are. A second family trip to the American Indian Field is right around the corner. Are we ready? I hope so…

I think Doug may have mentioned it when he spoke at church, but when we were in Arizona last summer, it felt like home. Which was really quite odd, because although Doug had been there before, it was the first time for the rest of us. How could that be? How could it feel like home with its intense heat or the beautiful mountains or the amazing cacti and surrounded by new people? How was that even possible? That’s when I knew it had to be a God thing. I had previously discovered on mission trips that there is something about being with brothers and sisters in Christ that even when you don't have anything in common, He makes you realize you have so much in common. But this was the first time that being away from home felt like home.

Back in 1987, Christian recording artist Bryan Duncan came out with this song “When I Think of Home.” Today it popped into my head as I was thinking about what to write.

“There’s a saying: ‘Your home is where your heart is’

My heart believes its true

And my home’s so far away

But the seasons and the scenery keep changing

So I’ll make my home with you

‘Til I’m finally home to stay

When I think of home

When I’m tired and feeling homeless

I come to you

You’re where my heart is.”

On June 20, 1998, my heart made its home with Doug. That day I made the commitment that where he went, I would go, and his people would be my people. God is drawing his heart to Arizona. So in a month, we are heading “home,” and that is exciting. We have been praying, exploring, and wondering what God might have in store for our family. This is another step in that process. We aren’t sure if God plans for us to make the west our “home” for a period - one that’s longer than 6 weeks - but we are ready to find out.

We appreciate your prayers.

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