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Day 30:

Camp ended today. We cleaned the cafeteria for the last time and helped with the new dorm. We then came back to our apartment and started packing; then went out to dinner with the work team and missionaries. I had a taco.

{Dad asking Josiah questions:}

What are we doing tomorrow?:

Leaving for the Grand Canyon

What is your favorite thing about Arizona?:

All the mountains

What happened last night that doesn’t usually happen here?:

It rained!

How would you feel if we decide to move to Arizona as a family?:

sad and glad (aka slad)

What did you think about the campers this week?:

They were nice

How did you survive living in a small apartment with 5 people and only 1 bathroom?:

I survived, but I didn’t like waiting for the bathroom

Do you want to come back next year?:


What was your most favorite part of the month?:

Going swimming the first camp

What will you miss the most?:

Most everything except for the heat. I won’t miss the heat!

- Josiah


This is Dad adding that this is our official last post of this mission. We may post occasionally as we make our way home, but no promises. We will use this time as a family to debrief all that we have experienced and to pray that God would lead us to what He wishes for us next.

Thank you for reading our blogs, praying for us, and support us. We REALLY appreciate it!


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