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Day 27:

Today was our first full day of camp: week #2. There are about 30 campers here, of whom we are all enjoying getting to know.

Doug is teaching a Bible class and I am teaching a cooking class. For cooking, the campers are learning about the symbolism of the Seder dinner, making two of its dishes, and then sitting down to enjoy the various parts. Yesterday, I had the new experience of making horseradish sauce out of a horseradish root in preparation for class. For those of you who might not know, it’s a rather stinky ordeal and according to the Internet, it is strongly recommended that you make it outdoors. So we made the horseradish on the front porch area with gloves and protective eye wear (yes, Josiah is wearing swimming goggles).

Four more days of being here in Peoria.

I am compiling a list of things I will miss. So far, I have:

  1. The people we have met - the missionaries who have warmly taken us in, the Native American people who have warmly welcomed us into their churches

  2. Sunshine (who cares if it is 110 degrees or warmer … it’s sunny!)

  3. Palm trees

  4. Being really close to Culver’s Butterburgers and frozen custard

  5. Being close to Rita’s Italian Ice and custard (hmmm, you may sense a theme…)

  6. Our little apartment

  7. The very vocal birds that live around here. Today we discovered cute little birds that we thought looked like parakeets. Thanks to the Internet, we now know that they are the Rosy-faced lovebirds, a type of parrot that is native to Africa. They live in the cacti.

  8. Having a wash line to hang clothing (Isn’t it the little things in life?)

  9. Did I mention the sunshine?

So that is just a brief list off the top of my head.

Doug was kind of all serious yesterday, so I thought I would lighten the blog today. :)

Hugs and thankfulness to you all!

- Becky


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