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Day 18:

Day 18:

(I didn’t write that; it was there when I got to the computer. I think we all know by now that I can start a blog better than that. Finishing it, on the other hand… well, we’ll get to that.)

I will start with a warning: if you are expecting another sermon from me today, like last time it was my turn, you may most likely probably be at least a little disappointed (sorry Craig, but you will have to make your own for tomorrow morning. Better get started!). In other words, it was another off day. Today, however, we needed it, because we will not get another one for a while. That’s right, tomorrow starts Camp #1.

[Side note; because of a shortage of one male and one female dorm leader, my mom and dad have been picked to fill in the spot. This means that my brothers and I will have to be campers so our parents can keep an eye on us, which leaves nobody (and no time) to write the blogs. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will write if we can.]

Anyway, today we went and saw a college friend of my mom’s, and spent the day at the mall… luckily for us kids (by that I mean my father and I), there was an aquarium in the mall (it was a big mall), so it wasn’t all walk around and spend your time trying to act bored (hey, it’s something to do). On the bright side, it gave us another chance to see more AZ scenery, which is almost always beautiful.

This is that awkward ending part I was telling you about earlier. Since I don’t have anything more to say, I will say thanks for your support, God bless, and see you at the end of the ark ride (happy, McVey?).



The kids at the aquarium.

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