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Day 17:

Hello! I don’t have anything spectacularly insightful or inspiring to write this evening …

For those who are still reading after that amazing introduction, today was a slow day. I guess you could say it is the calm before the storm. Doug and I had training this morning to get us ready for the first week of camp. Then the boys helped finish off the ice cream that was left in the machine from last night’s party and mop the cafeteria. I cleaned a bathroom and worked on my lesson for the class I am teaching the second week of camp. We finished off the day with a fantastically yummy BBQ chicken dinner and enjoyable fellowship with one of the dear missionary families here at SIMC.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we are going to get to visit with one of my long-lost college sisters (woo hoo!) and her family. Sunday afternoon, week one of camp begins! Doug and I get to be dorm leaders.

Our time here is zipping by, and I know once camp starts it will go even faster.

Some prayer requests:

  • Safe travels for my college friend and her family as they drive 3 hours to come see us.

  • Safe travel for the campers as they travel on Sunday.

  • Protection for the campers and staff as we deal with super hot temperatures forecasted for Sunday (120°) and Monday (118°).

Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers!


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