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Day 14:

Blog #3 (for me) -

Today I did not work a lot for the following reasons: 1) Everybody slept in and 2) They irrigated the lawn today. The work I did do today consisted of learning how to use the sound system in the chapel and washing dishes. Mom and dad worked on their lessons for camp so we had some free time to relax.

I’m going to get into more detail about the irrigation of the lawn. The irrigation works like this: You order water for a certain amount of time for a certain speed and the city sends the water. It comes from a river down a long system of concrete ‘streams.’ Then Felix, the groundskeeper, opens a system of gates and underground pipes to flood the lawns one at a time. In Ohio, this would be a disaster for most, but here they do it regularly. Sometimes when they order their water, not as much as they want comes because others along the way forget to close their gates.

I took some pictures of flooded lawns for you to see.

I miss my bed and blankets a little and am not looking forward to the heat predicted in the forecast. Although the days can be hot, the evenings are cool and refreshing.

- Elijah


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