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Day 6

One-Hundred-Nine degrees today. Why would anyone want to go to Arizona in June? Today I worked with a missionary throughout the day, cleaning, mopping, and fixing things after a conference was held on the campus where we are staying. He told me his testimony and how he became a missionary. His story encouraged me and reaffirmed that I’m supposed to be here… even in the heat. I do not know my ultimate purpose for this endeavor yet, but I pray that God uses me as He intended for His kingdom.


When I was younger, I planned out my life. Twists and turns occurred, but I would deal with those bumps in the road, maybe change course a bit, and steer my life onward. What I needed to do then, and am trying to do now, is to listen to Jesus and allow Him to be my guide.

John 21:3-6

3 Simon Peter said, “I’m going fishing.”

“We’ll come, too,” they all said. So they went out in the boat, but they caught nothing all night.

4 At dawn Jesus was standing on the beach, but the disciples couldn’t see who he was. 5 He called out, “Fellows, have you caught any fish?

“No,” they replied.

6 Then he said, “Throw out your net on the right-hand side of the boat, and you’ll get some!” So they did, and they couldn’t haul in the net because there were so many fish in it.

When we go our own way we will not be truly successful. If we listen to the Lord and follow His instruction, true success will be accomplished. It may not look anything like we would have thought, but His way is much better.


Lots of hard work by my family today. We are enjoying it and want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and support. We can’t express enough of how much it means to us.

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