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Day 4:

This is my first attempt to write a blog post. I’m not sure what to say. Today we did a lot more driving. During the drive we passed the Cadillac Ranch where the Cadillacs were nose first into the ground. We also went to a blue swimming hole and watched people dive into it. The water was 81 feet deep and 61 degrees in temperature. We also went to a nearby lake, but it was too cold to swim. While at the lake, we saw an ambulance heading toward the blue water hole. We pray that no one was seriously hurt.

During the drive we saw a lot of flat land followed by mountainous land. Back and forth from flat to mountains with lots of rocks and several long trains. We drove some more and ended up in Gallup, New Mexico where we ate at a local Southwestern restaurant… it was really good!

I want to thank you for supporting us during this mission. Tomorrow we finally arrive at our destination.

Oh yeah… I wanted to make sure I told you we accidentally made a wrong turn in Albuquerque, New Mexico. :-)


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