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Interesting Perspective of Giving

Becky has been taking a course on Missions. She shared the passage below with me and I thought it was an interesting perspective on giving in America. If only we would give more.

"How hard have we tried to save others? The nearly two billion dollars American evangelicals give per year to mission agencies is one fourth of what they spend on weight-loss programs. A person must overeat by at least two dollars worth of food per month to maintain one excess pound of flesh. Yet two dollars per month is more than what 90% of all Christians in America give to missions. If the average mission supporter is only five pounds overweight, it means he spends (to his own hurt) at least five times as much as he gives for missions. If he were to choose simple food (as well as not overeat) he could give ten times as much as he does to mission and not modify his standard of living in any other way!”

- "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: Reader and Study Guide - eBook" by Ralph Winter, Steven Hawthorne

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