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Letter for Support

Dear friends,

Recently we were accepted with World Gospel Mission to serve as a Missionary Volunteer Partner (MVP) at the Southwest American Indian Field (AIF) in Peoria, Arizona. This voluntary service allows us to live and work one-on-one with missionaries and Native Americans. Assisting the missionaries in their ministry as well as learning about a new culture are just a few of the many experiences ahead of us.

We would like to invite you to be part of this ministry! Will you be a part of our prayer team? As we plan for this time of service, we would appreciate your prayers.

Perhaps you would like to be a part of the financial team to make this trip possible by making a contribution toward our expenses. Trusting God to provide the necessary finances is one of the first lessons we learn. The total expense for our trip is roughly $4,000. It has to cover travel, housing, and other living expenses. Please pray with us for this financial need to be met as soon as possible. This link will explain the procedure for making a donation. Please include the bottom of the paper with your donation, and keep the top for your records. The mission will provide a tax-deductible receipt for your records.

Thank you for your interest in our life and your continued prayer. We will keep in touch with you as we eagerly look forward to our time at the Southwest American Indian Field.

Serving Christ with you,

The Darfus Family


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