Children Lessons

Animals of the Bible

Lesson 01 – Snake:

            Bottom Line:   It’s our choice to obey God or to give in to sin.

            Objective:        Kids will learn they have a choice whether to give into temptation or choose God’s way.

            Key Passage:  Genesis 3:1-15, 21-24, The Fall


Lesson 02 – Dove:

            Bottom Line:   God keeps His promises.

            Objective:        Kids will learn that God keeps His promises.

            Key Passage:   Genesis 7:24-8:17, The Flood Waters Recede

Lesson 03 – Frog:

            Bottom Line:   God uses His power to help us.

            Objective:        Kids will learn that God is powerful to help us.

            Key Passage:   Exodus 8:1-15, The Plague of Frogs

Lesson 04 – Quail:

            Bottom Line:   God will always provide for us.

            Objective:        Kids will learn that God provides for our needs.

            Key Passage:   Exodus 16:1-17, Manna and Quail

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