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2015:  Southwest American Indian Field, Peoria, Arizona

In July 2015, I went to Peoria, Arizona to the Southwest American Indian Field.  The team was for college students to be camp counselors for Native American children ages 10 to 12.  As soon as I saw the need posted in the church bulletin I knew I was being called to go and fill a need for a male counselor who could no longer go.

The camp was a lot like a 24 hour Vacation Bible School that lasted 5 days.  There was worship (we called zumba worship because of all the dancing), devotions, art projects, Bible study, Bible lessons, cooking, swimming, group activities in the gymnasium, eating, and much more.  During this time I got to know a lot of great children who really needed to hear about God and His promises.  Several of the children gave their heart to Christ during the week.


I am being led to go back because of the many children who were thirsty for God's word, but didn't have any support system in place.  There is so much need and not enough people to meet it.  My family needs your prayers and financial support to make this happen.  


Doug Darfus

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