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2013 African Gospel Church Baby Centre, Kenya, Africa

When Doug and I (Becky) were in Kenya in 2005, Noah (age 4) and Elijah (age 1) stayed home with my parents and good friends as we were gone for 18 days.  While we were there, God laid it on my heart that we had the responsibility to make sure our children would one day see how so much of the world lives and also see the mission field at work.  That responsiblity did not go away with time.  A number of years passed and as Noah got older, I asked him if he wanted to go to Kenya.  I had also mentioned it to several friends and family members as well.  What a surprise when my mother (who hates to fly more than I do!) said she wanted to go.  My closest friend, Denise, decided to go as well.

Although I had originally envisioned a team from our church going, God had other plans.  Mom, Denise, Noah, and I joined a team of people from three states.  Although we met our team leader, Deb Cunningham, prior to going, the others we met at the airport.  We were a diverse group, ranging from 12 (Noah) to 70-years-old (my Mom), and most in between. God is so good!!!  What an absolutely amazing experience it was.  It is surreal for me today to think back that I was with my mom and son in Africa.  In my wildest dreams, I never would have imagined that possible.  But God is amazing!  Noah did so well as the only kid on an adult team.  He loved Kenya and expressed interest in returning someday.

The following year, Noah and I went to Honduras with the youth group, but I'll let him tell that story. :)

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