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2005 African Gospel Church Baby Centre, Kenya, Africa

The first mission trip Doug and Becky took together was to The Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre in Ngata, Kenya.  Doug had never had an interest in participating in a mission trip until a message he heard during a Sunday morning worship service.  As Pastor Ryan Bash spoke, Doug clearly heard God's call.  Why wait for a neon sign to tell us to go when the Bible has already told us to "go into all the world?"  Instead, plan to go unless you get a neon sign telling you not to go!  So, when the announcement was made for an upcoming mission trip, he was ready to sign up.


When Becky first heard the news that they would be going on a mission trip, she was excited.  The excitement changed to fear when she found out the trip was to Africa.  Becky detests flying and a trip from Ohio to Kenya takes a lot of flying.  God took care of both Becky's fears and Doug's adverse conditions he often experiences while traveling.  It was an amazing trip.


Most of the trip was working on the foundation of the Baby Centre.  We painted, we moved stone, we flattened steel rods with a sledge hammer, we scraped mortar from windows... it was intense hard work... and it was worth every moment.  We met so many wonderful people who changed our lives.  That Baby Centre now cares for abandoned babies and places them with loving Christian families.

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