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Summer Adventure: Day 7

by Becky Darfus

Today was a pretty fantastic Friday. I think we finished off our first week at COMPASS training on an extremely positive note. Personally, I really enjoyed our morning sessions. We were divided into small groups that each met with a language “helper” (someone who is fluent in the language). In these groups we began learning the language through a process that was, in my opinion, so much fun. Elijah and I were in separate groups learning Russian and Doug was in a group learning French. The morning went by pretty quickly, but it was mentally exhausting!

This afternoon the adults were given some time off but also met as couples or singles with our COMPASS coach.

This evening we had pizza. It was a great evening of fellowship and games. Many of the kids and a few adults spent the evening on the playground playing “SPUD” ball. It was such a beautiful evening after an afternoon of stormy weather. The rainbow tonight was one of the brightest I have ever seen. I tried taking a photo but it doesn’t quite capture the extent of its beauty.

Thanks for all your support and prayers!



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