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Day 26

WARNING: This blog was written past 12 am, and may therefore contain sentences that may or may not make sense, that can be read differently than was intended, or may use words that are completely out of place. I will try not to do something archipelago like that. You’ve been warned.


Hey everybody, sorry this post is so late, but we had a very busy night. I must say caroling is much more enjoyable in 100 plus degree weather.

Tonight was the last night of camp (not the last day, that’s tomorrow. The last night. The last time everyone got to sleep in the dorms. I think you get the idea.) I’m split between the feeling of sadness that I have to say goodbye to the campers and the worship sessions and the rec time and all that, and the feeling of total joy that I will soon have the chance to catch up on lost sleep and energy.

I won’t take too much time describing the camp, since I did that last week. I will say though that this week, I wasn’t a camper, but on cleanup crew instead. Those of you who read last year’s blog know what I mean; mopping.

But being behind the scenes was probably just as fun as being a camper. For completely different reasons, obviously. It was cool to be a part of bringing the (I can’t say kids because they are as old / older than me, so I’ll say campers.) campers through the same experiences I had, and seeing how they reacted, or what emotions they felt, in comparison to my own. In all honesty I forgot where this paragraph was going…

Anyway, I just want to thank everybody that was a part of these first two camps, whether it was cooking the food, cleaning up after the meals, setting up activities, teaching classes, leading worship, preaching lessons, acting skits, setting up portable stargazing domes, leading the campers around, or even just being a camper. I had a great time, and I know God worked on the campers because of all of those people. We were all part of one body, working to fulfill God’s plan for us.

That’s all I have for tonight, and I’m tired. (Also at this point it is technically Elijah’s day to write, so I’m done.) As always, God bless, and I’ll see you at the end of an ark ride.



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